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Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:24 pm
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[There is a bit of silence before a deep voice for a teenager speaks.]

This is Shintaro Midorima. I'm not able to be contacted right now, so leave a message and I'll get back to you if I care.

Takao, if you leave another message this is just a solid minute of ducks quacking, I am going to kill you.
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Player Information

Name/Alias: Xar
Player Journal: [personal profile] nanodayolo
Contact: Plurk @xardogn
Timezone: Eastern Central time. East Coast US.
HMD: http://nanodayolo.dreamwidth.org/319.html
In-Game/Processing: n/a

Character Information

Name/Alias: Shintaro Midorima
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Canonpoint: After Episode 32, where Seirin vs. Shuutoku match ends in a tie for Midorima and Kuroko’s team.
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Physical Description:
Midorima’s anime appearance. The only other thing of note is that when not playing basketball, the fingers of his left hand are wrapped up in medical tape. He is left handed, and when not in a basketball uniform, is seen either wearing something conservative and formal like a buttoned-up shirt and slacks, or his school uniform. He is 6’5”, and is always carrying a lucky item.

History: http://kurokonobasuke.wikia.com/wiki/Shintar%C5%8D_Midorima

Personality: Midorima at the very surface, is an incredibly serious and arrogant person. He takes things people say very seriously, and rarely, if ever, jokes around. He often scolds his teammate, Takao for not taking things serious enough, and believes in doing his best in everything. His motto in life is 'Man proposes, God disposes,' which basically means, do your best and fate will do the rest. He rarely ever chills about anything, especially basketball, and hates it when people trivialize things that he cares about a lot.

Because of that, he has a very hard time getting along with other people, especially ones where their opinions don't matter to him. His aloof and selfish personality drives them off, as well as his inability to express emotions at all. He's almost a classic tsundere in that regard. He's extremely prickly, never talks about his feelings, despite when things are bothering him, and is constantly abrasive to people who show him any sort of sympathy what-so-ever. He even stands in the rain to avoid looking like he's crying after his first loss of a match to Seirin High, and while he did respond to Kise's well wishes, it was only with the word 'Die.' Despite all of that, however, he shows that he actually cares about how his teammates are doing by going to almost every single one of their games versus each other, under the guise that he just happened to be in the area.

Midorima also shows he respects Kuroko's skills highly by complaining to him that he went to a school that won't allow him to play at his full potential. He also admires Akashi, having a constant rivalry to beat him in something, despite never actually beating him. This left him with a bit of an inadequacy complex, which he again, hides behind his prickly exterior. He also is one of the few people with the guts to actually stand up to Akashi in canon, furthering his complicated relationship with the captain-he is not a doormat and will easily tell other people exactly how he feels.

Another way Midorima shows he cares about people is through his lucky items. Midorima is a avid believer in Oha Asa and horoscopes, so much so that he will be in a very good mood if Cancers are ranked first that day. He always has his lucky item on him at all times, and becomes extremely agitated if he doesn't have it on him, like Kuroko observed in one of the replace novels. In the PSP game, though, he expresses that he actually almost hit Takao with a bowling ball, but told him later that he should see it as a good thing since he was sharing his good luck. He also expresses his concern after his team says his items are bad luck for them to get THEM lucky items so they wouldn't suffer anymore. He’s almost always seen with a very strange item on his person at all times and absolutely refuses to have anyone else-except Takao, it seems-mess with it or even leave it behind places, especially when his luck is the worst.

And he doesn't just show it in lucky items. He seems truly grateful when Kuroko gives up his prize to be his lucky item for the day, even saying thank you. This is seen in the repace Novels, where he is even drawn as happy to receive a gift like that. In the same novel, Midorima is also the one who notices when Kuroko is missing from the picture, showing he does pay attention to those considered teammates and friends, even when they are unnoticeable. He also tosses a towel at Kise, telling him to use it, and does these things in subtle ways while simultaneously pretending he doesn't care. He even gives Kagami and Kuroko advice on how to improve themselves. So the heart of the issues is that he definitely cares a lot, but thinks that expressing such a thing as weakness.

His relationship with Takao is also extremely important to his psyche. He spent most of his life being detached from people because he was awkward, strange, and aloof, not trusting anyone, but Takao basically crashed into his life by trying to get Midorima to acknowledge him, since he now can’t beat the guy anymore. At first it seems like he's basically using Takao as his personal servant, which he basically is, but over time they are seen together a lot, he actually confides and discusses things with Takao, which he normally never does to people outside of the team, and in the end, starts trusting him so much that he starts passing to the point guard and relying on him to make shots. This is extremely evident in the newest shot he comes up with during his match with Akashi, where he trusts Takao so much he begins to take a shot before the ball is even in his hand, trusting Takao to pass it to him perfectly so he can make it.

He goes under a fantastic change from the beginning because of Takao and his team, because he at first thinks that team play is stupid and doesn't like to trust people or let them in, but towards the end, acknowledges every single player, even the less talented ones by their hard work and says there are no unnecessary people on his team. He finally starts breaking down his barriers so that he can let people in, especially since the senior members help him out and give him lucky items when he has a hard time finding them.

Also, the final slammer on his personality is the fact that he is a very routine, detail oriented, and fastidious person. He HAS to have certain things done and they HAVE to be right. He can't go anywhere without wrapping up his fingers in medical tape, if he hates something he will tell you in no uncertain terms, and can't leave the house without his lucky items or doing a ton of rituals. He gets really angry if his routine and said rituals are disrupted, pretty much. If he does, like shown in the Replace novels where he didn’t have his lucky item, he becomes jittery and nervous.

He otherwise is just a pretty quiet person, not really liking to talk to people when he doesn't want to, likes to listen to classical music and play shogi, and is generally a giant tsundere nerd.

High projectile 3’s: Midorima’s special ability in basketball is his insane accuracy and ability to shoot 3 point shots from almost anywhere on the court. The reason they are called high projectile is because they have an extremely high arc, which makes his shots nearly impossible to block, unless you are Kagami with an insane jumping ability. Midorima has never once missed an untouched shot of his, but the only downside is that the farther he is away from the hoop, the longer it takes for him to take the shot.

Half/Full court shots: Exactly what they sound like-Midorima in middle school, could only take a half court shot, but he has improved drastically in high school and now is able to shoot anywhere on the court, nailing a few full court shots in his games against Seirin. Midorima does have a limit to how many of these insane shots he can take, but also in the Seirin game, it’s shown he can bypass his limits given enough motivation and challenge to do so.

Perfect Accuracy: This is sort of intertwined with his other basketball skills, but as stated before, he never misses a single (unblocked) shot, and is shown in one particular incident that he is able to hit a motorcyclist with perfect accuracy after borrowing his teammates snack bag and shooting it at him. (That’s also his first reaction to objects, like Kuroko’s dog, that offend him) It can be reasonably assumed that he very rarely misses when he takes a shot with anything ranged, especially if it has the same feel of a basketball.


Dialogue: Test Drive

Midorima had no time for stray dogs. He was focused on his goal, and that was getting out of this hellish place or die trying, but no matter which way he walked, the mangy mutt was still following him. It was a mediocre day for Cancers, and his lucky item-the grey hat perched on his head-had gotten wet earlier, which probably landed him in this situation.

You are disgusting. Get away from me. Midorima thought as he shook his leg, which the dog had come up next to. He could almost see it glaring at him. Midorima was was almost overcome by a sudden memory of a little blue shadow's tiny dog, and the green-haired giant just stared back in disgust.

"That sort of thing will not work on me. Go back to wherever you came from and leave me alone." And with that, he turned and walked away.

And yet still, the patter of feet continued after him. Midorima's mind began to race. I have no basketball-and I refuse to throw my lucky item away. How am I to overcome this situation? Oha Asa didn't say anything about dogs!

He couldn't tell why he didn't like the dog following him, but having woken up in a creepy school with equally creepy surroundings he was beginning to suspect anything. Besides, the dog was grinning at him.

Midorima took another deep breath and began to run, his fingers clutching tight around his hat so it wouldn't fly away. I have done all I can. I will not lose. I will not lose! I can't- The only thing he was glad for is that it wasn't a cat, and he was strong and fit.

This entire situation is a piece of shit-Takao is getting an earful when I get back... Midorima could almost laugh to himself. He was running from a strange dog, and all he could think about was his partner? He was certainly slipping in sanity, wasn't he.

The dog appeared in front of him again and he let out a yell, not able to stop in time and tumbling down onto himself. He grunted in pain for a little bit before the dog came up to him and growled. Midorima stared it down, more scared than he was willing to admit. "I do not care who your owner or what your purpose is here, you will leave me alone immediately! I don't want to pet your filthy fur or give you any food!"

Probably not the best thing to say because in the next second, the dog was jumping straight at the shooting guard's face.
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